Cool running, low powered power amp

My regular amp is a Class A, all tube (KT 88’s) affair that runs very warm. For most of the year, it doesn’t matter. But in the dog days of summer, it can become unpleasant in my smallish listening room, where the AC doesn’t reach as well.

My speakers are Volti Razz, which are something like 97 db efficient. My big tube amp is out in California getting repaired, and at the moment, the Volti are enjoying time spent with a Scott 299A. Those 17 wpc are plenty (and sound way better than a 65 year-old amp with original tubes (or at least, tubes marked "H.H. Scott") should. Volti says it only needs to be 8 watts to do the job.

I was thinking of First Watt, or maybe Pass Labs XA 25. But both of those are also Class A. But maybe all Class A are not alike in terms of generating heat. I am not anti-class D, and have had two Class D amps that sounded good, but I’d be more interested in A/B, or cooler running Class A. I'd like to bring it in under $3000, and I am a big fan of used equipment.





Parasound A23+ is under $2k, Class A/AB and has a powerful but warmish sound. Used probably ~$1000-1200. You might end up keeping it. 


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I had the same issue with running tube amps in the summer as yourself. It was resolved with a Class A , Audio Note Soro Integrated amp.

Actually Both the Audio Note Oto ,or Soro tube integrated amps would be possible options for you to consider. 

I live on the top floor of a condominium building where running a tube amp in the summer time was an issue. I would have to switch to a Solid State amp in the summer time.

The Audio Note Soro amp resolved this issue for me and sounds fantastic. It could be different for you considering the AC does not reach that well in your listening room.



You could go out and try something very new to you, such as the Mr Nixie STCII Power Amp.

At 18 Watts, it should easily deliver for the 97dB Speakers.

With the referred to Budget, Bi-Amping is also an Option with plenty of monies remaining.

Thank your for your suggestions! I have checked out each one, going to websites and reading discussions about them. And i entered some new worlds (Such as Mr. Nixie and Decware) that I didn’t know about before. You have got me exploring and thinking, which is what I wanted. I don’t know which way I will go yet, but a few of you did express the spirit of trying something new, and since this is a two-month substitute, I can afford to think outside the same old thing. Of course, that Burmeister looks great, but my retirement budget is a real thing, so reaching that far remains a dream.

And yes, I might buy a small window AC unit and pre-cool the room before I shut it off and listen. After putting so much money into a whole-house AC unit (that works great everywhere but this one carbuncle of a room hanging off the house), it is a bit frustrating that I have to resort to that. A nice cool-running amp might be more fun!

Thanks, all...