Coping in an Age of Uncertainty

there have been numerous threads here, i know, about sacd v. dvd-a, upsampling, oversampling, etc. a number of these threads have included discussions of which, if any, new digital format will replace what we now call “redbook” cd’s. i don’t wish to rehash these discussions. rather, i’d like to hear from others how they are coping with the “age of uncertainty” in the realm of digital audio. is it better to “roll the dice” and invest in sacd or dvd a? ignore the contenders for the new and get the best possible out of redbook cd’s? buy with upgradeability firmly in mind? follow another path? i don’t post this query out of mere curiosity. i really haven’t figured out what course i should follow. i’d appreciate your giving me a hand. -kelly
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I second Tmartinjn copy of the quotes in Positive Feedback Magazine. If you cannot hear the difference between CD and SACD you should not spend serious money on HiFI equipment.
The magazine review states it as plainly as it should be stated.
I bought a Sony 777es player to use as a stand alone for SACD and as a transport for my Perpetual Technologies P1 & P3 boxes (along with the upgraded power supply). PT boxes are shockingly good. I have never heard regular cd's sound so analog. No digital edge whatsoever. I now have the best of both worlds.
All that is required for triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing[quoted from positive feedback]I will add and women to this.Anyhow it also say,s that all audiophiles and music lovers should be supporting both analog and sacd so there for i am as guilty as all the rest of you sitting on the fence as i listen to sacd and ignore vinyl.