Core Power Technologies

Does anyone know, is Core Power Technologies still around? I was considering purchasing (2) Ec1200’s but don’t want to be in a holding pattern for the next year. Are they or (Mark) still in existence? What’s the lowdown or suggestion of comparable item.
This is crazy, I paid Mark extra to change my deep core order to an equi 1800 back in May and have been getting the run-around ever since. He even gave a story about how he wanted the extra money to buy a mother's day gift for his wife and that he had equi 1800 units ready to ship.

To find out they are taking new orders and shipping while simultaneously ignoring mine is pretty infuriating.

Mark this is disgraceful that you took money from people and are selling new product through your Grandson without taking care of those you owe. Sad that you morals are so low to involve him in these lies also.

Here is an orgional ad for a Superstroke cord. Your Grandson claims

"I have 6 1.8m SuperStroke cables. Brand new, I have no need to keep these extra cables."

Questions for the sellerJul-14-2018How long ago were these purchased? Thanks, Ray"I purchased them a couple of weeks ago to use along with a new system."