CORNER placement subwoofer(s)

I am trying to make my music room more people friendly.  It is 12.5’ by 19.5’ by 7.5’ and somewhat “live” but tamed with Michael Green Design PZCs.  Walls are plaster.  Two are outside walls including the front wall.  Recently purchased speakers that can be placed against the wall or wall mounted (LaHave CFR).  Thinking of adding subs to fill in the deepest bass BUT they would need to be placed in corners to keep the idea of making my room more like the living room it is.  What is available in subs designed for corner placement??  I could do one or two.  I have owned REL and Rega subs in the past but they are long gone from my home.  
I would get a Vandy sub, if possible the new Sub 3, which has an equalizer built in to contour to room acoustics. You'll need to buy either the fixed crossover or M5-HP to match your amps impedance.
Or just buy a JL Fathom (overpriced), or a Paradigm defiance X series sub and get maybe the best bass correction available.  Far more sophisticated that way.
GEt the Soffit traps from GIT acooustics.

Then use any sub with good room EQ.

Hi jrinkerptdnet

Let me know if you would like me to make you a set of Corner Subs. They would be made specifically to tune with the PZCs.

good luck, have fun!

Michael Green

Specifically looking for subs designed for corner placement to keep the floor space I have ... adding the Soffits and a sub would not pass muster with my better half.  

I will look at the sub models mentioned too.

Anyone have experience with REL habitat wall mount sub??  That could work too as it is small and unobtrusive on the wall.  In wall models are out ... would not want to cut into my walls.  

Michael I thank you for the offer of a custom build but would most likely be well out of my price range (I rarely buy anything new due to price).  Feel free to contact me direct though regarding pricing.