Cornwall IV's with Accuphase E-650? good match?

been trying to source a used Luxman as I've read they pair well with both Cornwalls and a number of speakers I already own

unfortunately they're pretty scarce around me and a used Accuphase just popped up at a decent price

anybody have experiences with this combo as I try and decide to take the plunge?





probably work well but why spend that much for power you'll never use. I'd suggest if your an Accuphase guy one of their lower powered class A amps.

That said a SET tube amp would be ideal for Cornwall's, friend added a SET300b amp (8wpc) it was a stellar combo, very musical and inviting. 

I am currently using a very robust designed rawsonte FW F4, and the sound quality I am experiencing through my Lascalas, is possibly the finest in a very long time. Let me add, prior I was going passive, but a preamp is necessary with the F4. Unlike tubes, speed, control and balls to the walls bass. If you like these characteristics, above adding color, get class A ss. The preamp / F4 combo, is uncanny.

thanks all

everything online points to tubes and class a solid state, tons of luxman recommendations and almost zero accuphase

I will not be that guy seeking affirmation and eschewing good advice as I see so often here

Accuphase is out!