Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?

Looking for efficient speakers. I had the opportunity to listen to a Cornwall IV yesterday. It was run on nice tubes (Primaluna 400 EL34s) with a bluesound node streamer/dac.

QUESTION: I'm curious if anyone has compared CW IV with Volti Rival of Razz. Thoughts?

QUESTION 2: Anyone know what changed in the Volti Razz when it moved from v. 2 to v. 3?



Thanks for the further updates about varia.
I plan on trying Tannoy and, soon, Fyne.
I'm excited about some of the lower power amp possibilities this opens up.

What happened with all those deleted posts? Weird.

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What I didn’t at first quite grok when I got my Cornwall 4’s 4 years ago is that the "bass ports" on the front are really more like horns. They are shaped like the mid and tweeter horns, and there is a lot of air being handled by them; and they are just as "directive" as the upper horns. They are actually porting a lot of mid and high energy as well as bass. This more than usual specific directivity across the spectrum is why the speakers can and should be toed out more than you think. The collective directivity of these two convergent, focused beams of sound can maintain coherence with a wider space between and shallower angles. If the speakers are toed in too much they will "trip over each" and sound will be harsh and confused. Complex passages will be congested.

In my listening chair the apex of the "listening triangle" is probably about 6 six feet behind my head. When I was using tubes it was more like 3 feet. With the new GanFet monoblocs there is more energy with higher articulation, so the toe out is wider without any drop in detail, speed, or tonality. Fewer sonic "collisions" mean a more relaxed sound and non-fatiguing presentation.

I have a pair of 77’ CW Decorators. Got them in a trade w a friend. 

He had upgraded the crossover to a Crites, as well as upgrading the super tweeter.

They were quite boomy/shrill when I put them in my small - 11’x18’ - listening room. 

I did some internal bracing to the enclosures and damped the horns, as has been suggested above. 

Love the Cornwalls! The best I’ve heard them here, is being driven with my 30w Hiraga class A SS amp, using a tube pre. So dynamic, huge soundstage with very good imaging for such a big speaker in such a small room.

One of the big benefits of having these speakers is I have a wide range of amp options available to me. As an avid DIYer of audio gear, they really showcase differences in the gear driving them.

Late night, low volume listening and they do not disappoint. Capable of such delicate presentation, but when you need them to go big, they can.

Not for everyone, I get it, but these are staying for the long run as they are a great option to keep in my “inventory”.