Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?

Looking for efficient speakers. I had the opportunity to listen to a Cornwall IV yesterday. It was run on nice tubes (Primaluna 400 EL34s) with a bluesound node streamer/dac.

QUESTION: I'm curious if anyone has compared CW IV with Volti Rival of Razz. Thoughts?

QUESTION 2: Anyone know what changed in the Volti Razz when it moved from v. 2 to v. 3?



I have a pair of 77’ CW Decorators. Got them in a trade w a friend. 

He had upgraded the crossover to a Crites, as well as upgrading the super tweeter.

They were quite boomy/shrill when I put them in my small - 11’x18’ - listening room. 

I did some internal bracing to the enclosures and damped the horns, as has been suggested above. 

Love the Cornwalls! The best I’ve heard them here, is being driven with my 30w Hiraga class A SS amp, using a tube pre. So dynamic, huge soundstage with very good imaging for such a big speaker in such a small room.

One of the big benefits of having these speakers is I have a wide range of amp options available to me. As an avid DIYer of audio gear, they really showcase differences in the gear driving them.

Late night, low volume listening and they do not disappoint. Capable of such delicate presentation, but when you need them to go big, they can.

Not for everyone, I get it, but these are staying for the long run as they are a great option to keep in my “inventory”.



I was just about to do the Crites thing when Sr. passed away. I live only a few hours from them. However, I am reasonably handy with soldering iron and could probably handle installing an upgraded crossover and pure copper WBT fittings shipped to me by his son with special attention paid to not getting shocked by the old caps. With proper toe-in I doubt I will Dynamat the horns though. Would do the bass basket however. At the moment am experimenting with 18lb lead bars slipped through bass ports to rest on bottom of cabinet.

A few years ago I attached to the bottom plinth a piece of cut to fit 3/4 inch plywood stapled with rubber shelf liner on one side and screwed to the bottom of the open plinth.. This immediately quelled any bass interaction with my wood floors without stunting bass. I do think the modern cabinets made of heavy MDF do a good job of quelling cabinet resonances in general though. If I experimented with "No-Rez" it would certainly not be attached with permanent glue though.


It seems pretty confirmed that the CW's are great speakers if they are seriously modded. Thanks for the update about that. Some will see this as a great opportunity -- like buying a house with "good bones" and then making a dream house out of it. Others will see this as a deficiency in a $7k speaker. I suppose it comes down to what you're comparing it to. The value of the Voltis, then, seems to be that they are prêt-à-porter. 

I wonder how much time and parts the Cornwall IV need. They're price at $6,598.00 and Rivals are $8,900.00, a $2300 difference, or about one-third more expensive.