Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?

Looking for efficient speakers. I had the opportunity to listen to a Cornwall IV yesterday. It was run on nice tubes (Primaluna 400 EL34s) with a bluesound node streamer/dac.

QUESTION: I'm curious if anyone has compared CW IV with Volti Rival of Razz. Thoughts?

QUESTION 2: Anyone know what changed in the Volti Razz when it moved from v. 2 to v. 3?





That's a really great quote -- which doesn't address the main issue. While it's great to see all the things Volti is improving over Klipsch, and people can decide for themselves about those differences (they seem significant), the key question is untouched by that quote. The question was raised below about a claim on Volti’s website, viz.,

Volti website: "The Klipsch Forte cabinet is made in China of material that is just a step above the highest grade of cardboard. In this industry, there is a range of quality in cabinet construction from lowest to highest, and when it comes to wooden speaker cabinets, the Klipsch Forte cabinet falls into the lowest end of that range. I don’t think it is possible to build a cheaper cabinet and have it still function as a speaker cabinet."

This is a matter of simple fact -- about the quality and provenance of Klipsch cabinets (Good/US vs. Cheap/China). If folks could know the basis of this claim on Volti’s website about this issue that would end that debate, here.

Also remember just because something is made here doesn't automatically mean it's of higher quality. We know how to do "cheap" in the USA too....

Does anyone here have the boxes their Forte speakers came in?  Perhaps it says on the box where they were made and a picture of that could be provided.  

@hilde45 I can't tell you where the Klipsch cabinets are made, outside of telling you that my pair of Forte IIIs looked great and seemed well constructed.  

I can tell you that I have seen how Volti does things, having been to Greg's Baxter facility twice.  Whether he's building them by hand or using CNC machines the birch plywood he uses is as solid as it comes.  You can see what his speakers actually look like unadorned by looking at the pictures of his "Decorator" Razz speakers (some listed under speakers for sale).   But to me, that's not the way to go because his work with veneers is artisan quality.  The number of folks who come into my house and just gawk at the Rosewood Rivals is crazy (although my wife wishes they were smaller).  

And just to get this out of the way--I like the Forte IIIs.  Greg also likes the Forte IIIs.  They are a ton of fun.  But if you want to love your speakers and have something that you can live with forever, any of the Volit models are the way to go.