Cornwall iv

Hello all,


I have been eying these for a little while. Since they have been out for a few years I am curious about those who had had them a while and how you still feel about them. If sold them what you changed to. 

If anyone has had both Tektons and the Cornwalls would love to hear those impressions as well.


I’m thinking I may pull the trigger on a used pair soon. Maybe tomorrow if the guy ever messages me back. I was looking for measurements on them but could not find anything. I’m not a measurement stickler but don’t want something that measures ridiculous either. I’m mostly Acoustic Rock, Metal, classic Rock, Hank Jr type country, and some reggae. From what I’ve read sounds like they could be the ticket. Not unhappy with my Focals but miss the dynamics of my Double Impacts. Thinking these may have even better dynamics and possibly a better tone. Would love some higher end Focals but they aren’t exactly giving them away. If the Marketplace guy gets back with me I’m hoping I can hear them before purchase. 

Are you still happy with your La Scalas? 

I have not see detailed measurements of the Cornwall IV but here you can see the measurements of the Forte IV which might give you some insight.

Thanks for that James. 

While not textbook does not look too bad from the measurements I can understand. 

The Cornwalls are good for those who want speakers closer to the back wall.

Or someone who uses low powered tubes or Class A. Buy the XO upgrade

from Danny Richey if you go this route. Too bad Klipsch doesn't offer that upgrade.


LaScalas are considered the best sound Klipsch offers but the Cornwalls are easier to live with. 


Only Tekton I ever liked had the s/b acoustics Beryllium Tweeter upgrade. Moabs.

Must be out from the back wall 3'. 

They still look like a kids toy-to me anyway.


My experience with Cornwall's goes back to the late 1970's. The local hifi store had a pair owned by an employee set up in one of the soundrooms. Compared to the Snell Type A's in the other soundroom the Cornwall's sounded irritatingly bad! Nobody who worked there wanted to listen to them! They are badly flawed speakers!