Cornwall iv

Hello all,


I have been eying these for a little while. Since they have been out for a few years I am curious about those who had had them a while and how you still feel about them. If sold them what you changed to. 

If anyone has had both Tektons and the Cornwalls would love to hear those impressions as well.


@james633 I've heard that the Klipsch are popular with folks using lower powered tube amps. Do you think that some of the negatives you mentioned about the Forte go away with the right approach to power? Thanks.

Really, the CW4’s are great with many amps, and types of amps.  I’ve even had good luck with a Fosi V3 recently.  Quite good, in fact.



I really can’t say anything about the power amps. When I demoed the Cornwall IV it was using a MAC7200 oddly the same setup at two different shops. I don’t remember what the forte was using as I was really shopping the Cornwall/La Scala.

when I demoed the La Scala (current model) I heard it on the MAC7200 and MC275 in the same room as the Cornwall IV. The tube sound was very noticeable in back to back A/B but the MC275 is a pretty high power tube amp with way more than enough power, which still had good dynamics. I stay away from tubes because I hate buying them and worrying about their life, I like the sound though.


it was just demos, so only a few hours, longterm users can give you more insight for sure. I did listen to the systems a number of times as it is my local shop I normally buy from. We moved the Cornwalls all around the room, close to the wall, well into the room, in the corners, etc, I like the typical audiophile isosceles triangle setup the best, toed towards the shoulders. 


Cornwalls of yesterday are not Cornwalls of today. Vastly different. And I've owned both.

@james633 Thanks. It doesn't seem complimentary of a speaker that one would have to use especially low power amps (SS or tube) to make it sound refined. I was just wondering.