Cornwall iv

Hello all,


I have been eying these for a little while. Since they have been out for a few years I am curious about those who had had them a while and how you still feel about them. If sold them what you changed to. 

If anyone has had both Tektons and the Cornwalls would love to hear those impressions as well.


I will say they are nothing like the Chorus 2 I had. Those could peel the paint off the wall without judicious use of EQ. My wife described these as warm and juicy sounding. Also pointed out how good the vocals were and I agree. I could not even get her to sit and listen to my Focals which I quite like. She kept asking to hear different songs on these. Maybe not perfect in an audiophile sense although I can't pinpoint what's missing in that respect, but I don't listen to the normal audiophile fare. The guy I did bought these from had a frequency response graph he measured in his room and it was very flat which surprised me. 



I am glad you like them. They are en enjoyable speaker and “audiophile” enough IMO. I think the Chorus line is pretty bad (I have owned some). As I was trying to say about the Cornwalls is they are pretty good and speakers that have the same type of dynamics but are more refined come at much higher price. Dynamics are so important I would take them over the last bit of refinement. 

I will be interested to hear what you think with the subs and how you set them up (highpass?), Lyngdorf is a nice piece. 

@james633 ,

While the Lyngdorf has made every speaker I’ve hooked up to it sound way better with Room Perfect it has not been the case with the Cornwalls….. so far. I haven’t given up but so far it robs most of the bass and a good portion of the Cornwalls top notch dynamics. They sound better uncorrected, more engaging which has not been the case with any other speaker I e tried with the 2 Lyngdorf’s I’ve owned. The subs do blend very well. Currently running the Cornwalls full range and bringing the subs in at 40hz.

Interesting on the room correction, not sure what to think there and why it would be different than other speakers. You might get less room reflections with the horns. They tend to be a lot more narrow and need less room treatment/correction in my experience.  

Does room correction need to be engaged to run a highpass? Even if you chose to highpass at 40hz I would imagine the transition will be clearer. 

I normally highpass my JBL 4367 (similar layout to the Cornwall) at 63hz but one of my subs is broken again (JL is trash). So I am running just one sub at 37hz to fill in the bottom end at the moment. Even at 37hz the highpass made a big improvement in integration than just using a a low pass (I tried both ways), food for thought. 

@james633 ,

I think you are on to something with the high pass. I haven’t ran room perfect again yet but set my crossover at 60hz both the subs and the speakers. Sounds better for sure and more dynamic. Gonna enjoy it that way till tomorrow and re run the room correction and see what that does. Sorry to hear about your JL sub. They will fix anything to do with a V1 Fathom for $450. I sent the amp in and they replaced a bunch of caps with the V2 caps and sent it back within 2 weeks. It sounds better than it ever did now. 

The guy I bought them from gave me a room sweep printout and they started falling off the shelf at 55hz a little bit so I think 60 is good. May play with that some more.