Cornwall iv

Hello all,


I have been eying these for a little while. Since they have been out for a few years I am curious about those who had had them a while and how you still feel about them. If sold them what you changed to. 

If anyone has had both Tektons and the Cornwalls would love to hear those impressions as well.


Also going to email Lyngdorf and see if they have any comments on why the crappy results 

Ok I’m talking to myself probably but I’m excited 😆! I factory reset the Lyngdorf and started from scratch. No idea why this would have anything to do with it but I do know I’m the 2nd owner and you can get online and do all kinds of stuff to the unit. Not sure what the previous owner did. 

Anyway, after the factory reset and all new speaker setup etc I ran room perfect again…….. it’s completely night and day and BADASS! Happy guy now. 





that is good to hear. Does it show you the changes it makes before and after running the correction? Do you allow full bandwidth correction or limit it to a frequency (say 200hz and lower)?  

I allowed whatever factory default allows for bandwidth correction. Not sure what that is and I’m not sure you can change that. I’ve never got on the web page and messed around with the advanced settings. It does not show what changes it makes on the unit display only a status that shows percent correction. I think what is does really well is time align everything. I left the default crossover which should be 80hz on the mains and sub. Might play with the crossover point and do another set of measurements.