Cost break down of hifi system

Hello, just curious on what you guys recommend for the cost breakdown of a hifi system ? I have heard a lot about 15%-20% for cables and roughly 30% on speakers. Right now I am in the middle of building my new system. I currently have pass labs xp-12 demo model and an x250.8 NIB from Reno Hifi. I got a hell of a deal at $13500 for both. I also got a very light demo pair of Dynaudio contour 60i for 25% off. Based off what I have given, could you guys give me a breakdown on what I should spend on source and cables ? I was leaning at the Cardas cyngus cables. For dacs I was looking at the all in one lumin t3 or an aurender n200 with the chord qutest dac. I am also debating which audioquest niagra to get, the 1200 or 3000 ? Seems the me the 1200 does everything.  I’m open to suggestions so please tell me if I am off track. I wanna get it right the first time. 


As for starting with the room I like for help setting it up.

 I currently have pass labs xp-12.... an x250.8... pair of Dynaudio contour 60i...

I call this a: What do you think of my new wife thread. It's a bit too late for that question but let me continue...

I wanna get it right the first time. 

In order to get the right cabling, you need to know what you have first. Have you listened to this system in your room yet? Have you optimized speaker placement. If not you need to do that and find what direction you need to go. More bass, more mids, or more highs? Then we can make suggestions. 

@russ69 I am building it now. The pre amp, amp, and speakers are still in their boxes. I’m trying to get an overall on opinions as I go along. I knew I wanted pass labs so I got that first, then the speakers. 

I like @kota1 answer but would amend as follows:

1) The room

2) Speaker, speaker placement

3) Preamplifier and equally DAC/source

4) Amplifier (matched to speakers, of course)

5) interconnects

6) power

The pre amp, amp, and speakers are still in their boxes.

Get them out and start setting them up, Use lamp cord and 3-dollar cables if you have to. Listening is the only way you can progress your installation.