Cost break down of hifi system

Hello, just curious on what you guys recommend for the cost breakdown of a hifi system ? I have heard a lot about 15%-20% for cables and roughly 30% on speakers. Right now I am in the middle of building my new system. I currently have pass labs xp-12 demo model and an x250.8 NIB from Reno Hifi. I got a hell of a deal at $13500 for both. I also got a very light demo pair of Dynaudio contour 60i for 25% off. Based off what I have given, could you guys give me a breakdown on what I should spend on source and cables ? I was leaning at the Cardas cyngus cables. For dacs I was looking at the all in one lumin t3 or an aurender n200 with the chord qutest dac. I am also debating which audioquest niagra to get, the 1200 or 3000 ? Seems the me the 1200 does everything.  I’m open to suggestions so please tell me if I am off track. I wanna get it right the first time. 


@4krowme I agree with you 100%. It goes one way and back to another. Everyone  has something that works for them and others will totally put it down. I just wanted a general thought of what everyone’s options are in which way to go. 

@minorl Thanks for the advice, I think that’s the best advice I have been given. I already have my pre amp, amp, and speakers. Now I have been trying to decide on cables and an all on one dac and streamer. Although few have told me it’s good to get a streamer and a dac but I can upgrade the dac later when technology improves. I really like the idea of the aurender n200 with a sep dac. Another option is the lumin t3 but technology changes so fast it’s like owning a computer for a few years then moving on to something else. I do feel like the Cardas cyngus is a good place to start for cables to, I can get them at a decent discount. It would be around 2600 on cyngus cables which is not to bad. 

minorl Thanks for the advice, I think that’s the best advice I have been given.

yes @minorl  presented a good case.

First, listen to a lot of systems and think about what you are hearing.

1) Speakers first, at least 90dB; high sensitivity will give you a wider and generally less expensive choice of amps and preamps.

2) Get tubes in the line somewhere, preamp or amp. (1) will help to do that, and right now you can get better sound for less with tubes right (in the future who knows).

3) Then DAC, essential, but don't over-spend, because you will want to change it up in the future. Check out the DAC chips in the gear you are considering buying; this is not the only thing that is important, but it's a good place to start to make choices. Used stuff is a good way to go.

4) Then preamp, read all the reviews and understand them. It does not have to be expensive but it has to sound right ot you. Also, separates will let you improve your system in the future in stages and at less cost.. Sorry, but you will not get it right the first time out.

5) Then amp and source.

6) After you have a working system you can do room treatment. Just hang rockwool where needed and experiment--very cheap. Then later make it look nice with panels, etc. and kiss the wife.

7) Finally, now you can think about cables; not before. They matter, but not until you have the best system you can afford in place, and you can listen long and hard to it. The choice partly depends on your choice of components.

8) Listen hard and deeply over a long time until you can really hear into the music. At that time you will probably change something in the system. Do not kick yourself. Take your time and enjoy the road to excellence.