Cost Incurred to Achieve a Vinyl LP Replay

As a Long Term user of the Vinyl LP as a Source, as well as being one who has ventured into discovering and experiencing how fellow enthusiasts have developed their own interest in Vinyl replays. I have got to a place where limited to my experiences only, most I have encountered have over many years have been constrained in their budgets for the Ancillaries required to replay a Vinyl LP.

A few have exceeded the approx' £30K mark for a TT > Tonearm > Cartridge, and fewer from this selection are using dedicated Electronics with a Value of more than £10K to support the Source. 

My most typical experiences are of Ancillaries and Electronics used to support a Vinyl Replay with a combined cost of between approx' £6K - 16K.

I have been demo'd through being at commercial events, Ancillaries and Electronics that far exceed the above Values, but as these demo's are not from a familiar system and have been quite some time in the past these experiences have not been considered as being of importance or contributing to shaping how my present methods are I place to replay a Vinyl LP. 

What I have also become quite aware of, as a result of sharing and receiving accounts of Past Experiences, is that 'dye in the wool' Vinyl Replay Enthusiasts have been active at different levels in their trying out or introducing new ancillaries to get to a place where they are believing that most contentment can be found for their own unique preferences for a produced sonic.

My own endeavours has been to remain with a Particular ancillary and look to have it overhauled, where a modern approach is used to produce a end product that has materials and electronics selected and utilised to transform the ancillary into something that is noticeably different for the better over the original. As such methods are Bespoke, it is difficult to have the methods understood by a onlooker.

My experiences shared have introduced myself to like minded individuals in the flesh and through Global Forum communications. 

I do belive adopted methods to produce Bespoke ancillaries are capable of producing performance that will be more aligned to ancillaries costing much more if using a Branded Item is the guideline, as a selection of materials and adopted methods for these materials can be found in the more recent marketed products. . 

For myself Vinyl Replay is a method to supply a form of entertainment The use of ancillaries to create this entertainment is a must. The learning that is to be attained as a result of using the Ancillaries creates what is more aligned with being a hobby.

The question that is a vaguery, is how much monies, from a range of approx', £3K ($3.2K) - (£350K ($400K) does one feel justified in spending/believes needs to be spent, to satisfy their hobby (lessons learned) needs and need to be entertained (enjoyment of listening to music) .

It is without doubt, there will be 

 fewer reading this, that will be experienced with and able to comment on the 50K and upward ancillaries, it would be good to see what is to be shared. 




I think that is a moving target and depends on the individual's value structure. I won't spend a dime on premanufactured cables. I make my own. I will consider spending large amounts, $40K, on electronics if I perceive a tangible performance benefit. I already have the ultimate speakers for me and they are not going to change for the duration. I might go for a more expensive turntable but am unlikely to spend more than $50K on it. 

I have two hobbies, electronics, especially tube electronics with which I like to tinker, and audiophilia, which I define as maximizing the pleasure to be had listening to my ~3000 LPs. I therefore get great satisfaction in renovating and sometimes completely reconfiguring "reasonably priced" audio components. I’ve never spent more than $7K on anything except my Sound Lab speakers, and that was a one time thing. Even there, I have heavily altered the topology of the audio step-up transformers that drive the SLs. (I do own Atma-sphere MP1 and MA240s, but since I bought both in the 90s, I never paid current prices for those pieces. I also own a J&R 3160 Phonolinepreamp, but bought it used, and I like it just as it is; no plans to mess around with it.) I have no idea whether this answers Pindac’s question(s).

At the risk of being obvious or even oblivious.....

@pindac , what do you feel comfortable spending to achieve what you think that you're expecting to accomplish?  When the 'spread' of available means and that which accompany the various strata of performance v. co$t  can and does range from a nice bicycle to a Really Nice MBenz or Beemer...

33 and a third to 33.33334?  A tone arm and cart that doesn't raise vinyl curls from the grooves to that which wouldn't raise an eyebrow if it landed on it?  

An 'ok' cable with gold-plated connectors to that which rivals NASA orbital specs?

I'm kinda doomed to pref'ing 'sea level' stuff since I honestly can't hear butterfly wing motions...but that doesn't mean I don't or can't accept there are those than can....or will swear in a court of law or at me that they Can.

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Don't take our a 2nd mortgage on the house you don't own. happy...esp. in the New Year.  *clink*  Cheers, J

....truth be told....If our OP has 50K $/EU/Yen/cupcakes to expend, it's into that which I can't ascend to on a number of levels...and that's OK, with self and ought to be for the assembly here....but esoterica wanders into the Broad Fields of Unmown Growth, the Tall Corn which some disappear into, recognized only by the bleating of Profound Pleasures unknown to many....

"I cannot hear what you're hearing through this screen or my keyboard...So?...."

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