Cost Incurred to Achieve a Vinyl LP Replay

As a Long Term user of the Vinyl LP as a Source, as well as being one who has ventured into discovering and experiencing how fellow enthusiasts have developed their own interest in Vinyl replays. I have got to a place where limited to my experiences only, most I have encountered have over many years have been constrained in their budgets for the Ancillaries required to replay a Vinyl LP.

A few have exceeded the approx' £30K mark for a TT > Tonearm > Cartridge, and fewer from this selection are using dedicated Electronics with a Value of more than £10K to support the Source. 

My most typical experiences are of Ancillaries and Electronics used to support a Vinyl Replay with a combined cost of between approx' £6K - 16K.

I have been demo'd through being at commercial events, Ancillaries and Electronics that far exceed the above Values, but as these demo's are not from a familiar system and have been quite some time in the past these experiences have not been considered as being of importance or contributing to shaping how my present methods are I place to replay a Vinyl LP. 

What I have also become quite aware of, as a result of sharing and receiving accounts of Past Experiences, is that 'dye in the wool' Vinyl Replay Enthusiasts have been active at different levels in their trying out or introducing new ancillaries to get to a place where they are believing that most contentment can be found for their own unique preferences for a produced sonic.

My own endeavours has been to remain with a Particular ancillary and look to have it overhauled, where a modern approach is used to produce a end product that has materials and electronics selected and utilised to transform the ancillary into something that is noticeably different for the better over the original. As such methods are Bespoke, it is difficult to have the methods understood by a onlooker.

My experiences shared have introduced myself to like minded individuals in the flesh and through Global Forum communications. 

I do belive adopted methods to produce Bespoke ancillaries are capable of producing performance that will be more aligned to ancillaries costing much more if using a Branded Item is the guideline, as a selection of materials and adopted methods for these materials can be found in the more recent marketed products. . 

For myself Vinyl Replay is a method to supply a form of entertainment The use of ancillaries to create this entertainment is a must. The learning that is to be attained as a result of using the Ancillaries creates what is more aligned with being a hobby.

The question that is a vaguery, is how much monies, from a range of approx', £3K ($3.2K) - (£350K ($400K) does one feel justified in spending/believes needs to be spent, to satisfy their hobby (lessons learned) needs and need to be entertained (enjoyment of listening to music) .

It is without doubt, there will be 

 fewer reading this, that will be experienced with and able to comment on the 50K and upward ancillaries, it would be good to see what is to be shared. 




I've been going down that road since I was 4 years old when my father bought me my first record player, a really nice Zenith Portable with a Cobra tonearm complete with eyes! It did not take me long to notice that it did not sound as good as my father's system. The behavior is now firmly imbedded and I doubt it will stop entirely. On the other hand I will not spend insane money at complexities that do nothing to improve sound like $20,000 CNCed chassis. I am lucky in that I am not impressed by looks or cost, only technical issues in support of better sound as in lower distortion, noise and superior linearity. The Goldfinger cartridge might be a fine cartridge, but I will never buy one because of the stupid diamond tacked on the front.

“but esoterica wanders into the Broad Fields of Unmown Growth, the Tall Corn which some disappear into, recognized only by the bleating of Profound Pleasures unknown to many...”

🤣 Well said, sir!  *clink* 

Some albums sound incredibly good. Most any Patricia Barber albums for example. Most do not. You can spend your life savings and it will not improve a bad recording. If you have albums that give you chills, save your money trying to get the same results from crappy 1970’s CTI recordings. 

In relation to my statement,

"most I have encountered over many years have been constrained in their budgets for the Ancillaries required to replay a Vinyl LP.

By the above, I am referring to individuals deliberately taking the stance of expressing a Disciplined and Controlled position when parting with monies to create their Vinyl Source. It has very little, if anything, to do with ones disposable income.

I feel very confident that there are Forum Active Audio enthusiasts, who have an Audio System, with Vinyl only as a Source, who are using equipment that is costing much less than can be afforded.   

@lewm has picked up on this and clearly describes that his enthusiasm for recoded music has lead him to being the Keeper of 3000ish LP's, to provide an extensive range of entertainment. When it comes to the methods put in pace to experience recorded music, it has been clearly described that this is coming from a constrained approach. 

@lewn shares similarities to individuals I regularly communicate with, as well as myself, where the use of gathered knowledge and skills (Hobby), are thought through to be utilised with an intent to transform owned items to a level of performance that can be recognised as an improvement.            

"The question that is a vaguery, is how much monies, from a range of approx', £3K ($3.2K) - (£350K ($400K) does one feel justified in spending/believes needs to be spent, to satisfy their hobby (lessons learned) needs and need to be entertained (enjoyment of listening to music)."

Reflecting on my own experiences, individuals who are invested into a Vinyl Replay Set Up, Inclusive of TT, Tonearm, Cartridge, Phonostage and Cables. For a large percentage, the individuals have been quite proactive in their endeavours to discover the present in use ancillaries. The discoveries made are ones that have been sought out through the individuals desire to create change.

Ancillaries are discovered, tried, and usually become a inclusive or rejected ancillary within a system. It is this attitude expressed from an individual to create what could be referred to as progressive change, that can eventually expose the individual to a level of sonic produced from a Vinyl Replay that is to be classed as as quite desirable and worthwhile as being maintained over other experiences encountered. In general, the individuals searching and desire to be creative is near its end, once the 'quite desirable' is discovered.      

From my own perspective, I have adopted methods for a Vinyl Sources Mechanical and Electronic Interfaces that are designs that have become a trend being used on modern designs for TT's, Tonearms and Phonostages. As a result, the discovery is what I class as being ancillaries in use, that are proving to be totally satisfactory and wanted to be maintained.

The ancillaries in use, are as a combined value, coming in at the lower end of the range of expenditure outlined, with costs fitting comfortably into the £6 - £16K area. As important, is that experiences had, have left me with the impression I do not need to expand beyond this as an expenditure to experience a Vinyl Replay, I certainly am not being influenced by the idea that much more expensive ancillaries are going to create an experience that is seemingly more desirable. 

Hence, my invite is to individuals to share their experiences and how they have come to terminate or believe they could continue their journey to discover their own unique Vinyl Replay Set Up.  


As a man of modest means, I have recently refreshed my phono rig with a Technics  SL100C, Audio Technica OC9XML, and PhonoBox DS3, which together run $2500.00 at retail. My record library is much more valuable.