cost no object integrated amps

what are some cost no object  , no compromise super integrated amps that rivals separates. would love to hear some thoughts, ownership experience and which ones must be considered in the shopping list.may be in 30k to 60k price range
 some of them which come to my mind are

1. dan d'agostino momentum
2. audionet HUMBOLDT
3. soulution 530
4. dartzeel CTH-8550
5. ch precision I1
6. vitus SIA 30

feel free to add or suggest any other ones. or if someone can comment on each of these or rank in the order of preference with their reasoning.

Vinnie Rossi Brama with a 300B tube stage and 200WPC SS Amplifier with owner/user option to switch between valve and solid state on the pre-amp section. 


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The Audionet Humboldt is my endgame choice whose sonics compete with the very best.  Bummer a used one is for sale in my voltage but bad timing for me.  

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