Could these be your next cable loom??...and price be damned.

On the Stereophile web page, there is a report of the Estelon room at Axpona, along with the $330k cables from Crystal Cables, called the Art series. One poster states that Gabi ( one of the Crystal Cable owners) knows what she is doing when it comes to pricing strategy.

I thought this thread could piggy back my question on the Speaker forum and ask a similar question here, will sales accrue for her $330K cables, or is it possible that she over stepped...and no sales will actually occur? If Gabi knows her market ( and who are we to say she does not), i question how she has this that she does NOT price her new Crystal Cable Art cables at say $3 Million and instead hits the sweet spot at $330k??? Anyone?


Chump change. Positive Feedback recently had an announcement about Ansuz’s new top-o-the-line cables (can’t recall the name of the series...maybe Gold) and, along with the complimentary power conditioner being introduced that was commensurate with the cables, I calculated that the whole schmeer necessary to power up/hook up my two source system from stem to stern would run slightly north of a million bucks. This is just wire and power conditioning only. I dashed off a little missive to the rag expressing my contempt for the excessive hubris implied by such an offering but turns out that my opinion on the matter was as valuable to them as my dollar contributions to their bottom line ( nada) and I was summarily dismissed without comment.

One word. Morrow. Utterly fantastic and priced right. My SP7 Bi Wires are magnificent and gave my speakers and amp great synergy. They'll stand toe to toe.

It’s this or a bottle of 1947 Cheval-Blanc…tossup.

It would be best to listen to the cables and taste the wine before deciding…but that’s not going to happen.

Cables (or anything else for that matter) at this price point are not for everyone, in fact for very very few people.

So if you have to question the price and make idiotic comments on this post, then you clearly cant afford them - but in truth secretly want to.

Move on, get a grip, lets talk about gear that exists for us in the real world.

For the money Kubala Sosna is the best stuff I heard. I heard a 100k plus loom of crystal cables and they weren’t bad though just had less resolution than a comparable Kubala Sosna loom of realization that has about 10 times the conductor material in them for half the price!