Counsel on adding dedicated lines

I'm moving and am going to add dedicated lines for my listening room. Looking for any and all expert advice here. Is there a specific type of electrician I should look for? Type of in-wall cabling to ask for? Grounding? Etc....Thanks for any help.
Dedicated lines are the best answer to power issues. I first purchased a PS 300 wave power system, then a Monster system, and about a month ago went to dedicated circuits. The circuits were better and cheaper then the power conditioners. So here are a few suggestions/considerations.
1. Don't go to hospitol grade outlets. Commercial grade is about the same and way better then the cheap outlets we all have in our homes as stock equipment.
2. I live in a residential area without lots of industrial users within a mile. If you are not as fortunate then a balanced power conditioner may be the right solution. Industrial users have lots of inductive motors and hi frequency noise introduced.
3. I have 3 dedicated lines (all 15-20 amp) for my stereo. Line 1 has my power amp (Krell FPB300cx that takes lots of amps.) Line 2 is for my digital components (Ayre C-5xe and TV dvd player) Line 3 is for my pre amp and phono preamp. I keep the digital devices separate again because most introduce the digital clock artifacts back up the line.

You may find the reason I started this whole thing interesting. I have a 4th dedicated circuit in the basement for my treadmill. Like many I use a treadmill while watching TV (usually football games). When I plugged in the treadmill and the TV on the same circuit the TV's picture would actually shrink slightly in step with each treadmill step I took. Clearly the load on the treadmill's motor was feeding back into the TV's power supply. A separate line into the fuse box fixed it totally.
I would add another suggestion, make at least one or more of your dedicated lines a 10 gauge, 30 amp capable line. I have three dedicated lines running to my two channel system, which happens to have a big amp (760W chn) that draws a lot of power. With the Cary Mono's that you have, you could certainly use it. When I went to dedicated lines, I included upgraded outlets as well. For the relatively small additional cost at the time, I figured it would be better to do that than wonder if they would be any better.

If you check the archives here, you'll find a ton of good information on this topic already.