Cover songs that are better than the originals.

There is an active thread about terrible cover songs so I thought I'd start one about cover songs that are better than or have completely eclipsed the originals. I'll start:

Randy Newman wrote Momma Told Me Not to Come for Eric Burdon who recored it with the Animals and Newman recorded it too. I have the Newman version and like it but Three Dog Night really seem to capture the mood of the song best in my opinion.
+1 Talking Heads - Take me to the River
Alison Krauss/Viktor Krauss - Big Log
Amy Winehouse - Valerie
Pink - Me and Bobby McGee
Travis - Baby One More Time (yet another Brittany Spears song)

As far as Stairway to Heaven, it hard to believe that a cover could be better than the original, but Heart's version comes close.

@tls49 ,
A band called Shell does an excellent cover of Stairway, so does Rodrigues Y Gabriela"

Your mention of Travis has me playing Fran Healy right now!
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Ricki Lee Jones - I'll Be Seeing You
Walk Off the Earth - Someone Like You