Covering a naked platter- MMF 7 has no felt pad

I am a 'Budget' Audiophile re-entering vinyl after many years and just purchased a used MMF 7 in excellent condition. The original felt pad is missing, thus the platter is bare. The table & Goldring Eroica H sound fine as is, and I would appreciate the advice of experienced audiophiles. Leave as is or ? Also I'm using the interconnects that shipped with the table & would like to upgrade, are there other items useful to maintaining my MMF 7 & cartridge? Recommendations? I have a Disc Washer. Exposure 2010S amp with moving coil phone stage, NHT SuperOnes on stands,(yes I know, old, & still sound decent in my small apt)
Thanks in advance.
The Linn felt pad is very good and only costs about $25 from the Linn shop on ebay. Tables that come with a pad usually sound better with one; ones like VPI or Basis or Raven that do not come with one usually do not.
I owned a mmF 5 and I didn't use the felt pad. I used a clamp and the glass platter. The fet pat produced static and sometimes it was nasty static. So for that reason alone I didn't use it. Just the platter and the a record clamp was perfect. Besides glass may be faster in the transfer of sound than when using the felt mat. Can't say for sure but check it out.
If I wanted a new pad on my platter I would first explore what Steve Herbelin at Herbie's Audio Lab had to offer. I have not yet tried one of his platter pads, but every other device he has sold me, and there have been many, has worked a treat.
I had the Herbie's on my MMF-7 and it was much better than the felt pad. If you spend more on a mat you might think about an upgrade on a table.

Another idea might be the Music Hall mat and I just bought a Merrill-Scillia mat on Audiogon which I like so far, for not much more than the Herbie's. The seller is still selling them. I did not try it on the MMF-7 so can't help there.

And finally, I have heard some people like not to use a mat on that platter but use a clamp to stop slippage. Never tried that either though.

Welcome back to vinyl.

I think that is a good starter table. You may want to wrap a little teflon tape around the arm, once you get a feel for the table, to dampen it as needed.

Good Luck,