Cowboy Junkies Fans-- new recording

I just got the Cowboy Junkies new (2002) CD "The Radio One Sessions", and it's excellent music. The recording(s) are average to good.

These songs were recorded from 1989 through 1996 in London. Ten of the 12 tracks are previously released songs, but the versions are different. I found them to be very interesting and well done. One song, "Lonely Sinking Feeling" is excellent, and new to me. "Last Spike" was also new to me.

I ordered the CD from the Junkies website at and I don't know if it's available in stores or not. I think this CD will become a long term favorite of mine. Any comments are welcome. Cheers and Enjoy. Craig

Looks interesting. Are these cuts from the little Promo CD's, or different stuff? Even if they are from the promos it would be nice to have a bunch of them on one CD.
Hi David; 10 tracks (songs) have been released on other CDs and are well known, but as noted, different and interesting versions to Junkies fans. The 2 new tracks are just as good as their other music, and I don't remember them being on promo discs. Craig
It's available in record stores. I just picked it up at Crow's Nest in Chicago today.