Cowboy Junkies-Trinity Revisited...In deed

Has it really been twenty years since the release of the landmark album “The Trinity Sessions” by the Cowboy Junkies? Apparently so because “Trinity Revisited” is the 20th anniversary of that event.

WOW is what I have to say!!! This is an incredible recording. Margo’s voice is as pure and sweet as ever, but more refined, more powerful and more mature. The musicianship is second to none. This recording features some amazing guests as well. Ryan Adams, Vic Chestnutt, Jeff Bird and Natalie Merchant.

This set includes a CD and a DVD of the performance. I’ve been so taken with the CD that I haven’t even watched the DVD yet.

If you’re not a Cowboy Junkies fan or didn’t like the original “Trinity Sessions”, then you’ll probably not like this either, but do yourself a favor and at least listen to it. The recording space, The Church of the Holy Trinity has a very unique and special sound. The ambiance is incredible and on my system throws one of the deepest and WIDEST soundstages that I have ever heard. Kinda magical in my opinion.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…
Watched the DVD tonight. Don't get better than this if you're a 'Junkie fan. sweet....
Tboooe - rest easy - the extra money went to good use - the layering is quite extraordinary and the parts are much better delineated
Love the new Trinity except for ...........................
Natalie Merchant. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!?? Why do people love her for guest appearances? It's horrible. It must stop. I may start a petition.

Grew up in Toronto and love the Junkies though - they're playing here in Austin in June at a tiny venue with perfect acoustics - makes it seem like they are playing in your listening room - and I snapped up 4 great seats - can't wait!
I didn't mind Natalie. I liked her quite a bit. Ryan Adams too. He has a great voice. But I couldn't stand Vic Chesnutt. I really dislike his singing (if you can call it that). I couldn't help but wonder what Margo thought while he was singing her songs in that monotone fashion of his.