CP-700 Classe Pre-Amp

I was also looking at the CP-700 pre or a tubed pre.
Any comments on the CP-700?
the 700 is a very neutral smooth sounding piece of gear very musical ,and have yet to hear or read any negative comments on any of the classe delta gear ,,i do own one along with b/w 803d and ca m400 monos ...but if you like your sound a little tilted toward the treble look elsewhere,,,again there are some fine preamps out there it comes down to personal choice,,,
I own CAM-200 mono's. You really can't beat Classe.
I've enjoyed these mono amps for 4 yrs. now.
Thanks for your thoughts. Sally

Just had mine damaged and repaired then lost by United Radio.
Snagged an old unit from a dealer trade-in and found out it had an ancient firmware, so prepared to install new one.

Key points after you download and unzip the v. 1.4 firmware from Classe and print the instuction flowsheet:

1. Get an FTDA chipset USB to RS232 cable to avoid headaches.
This Sabrent did it for me:

2. If trying to run Downloader 1.2 and getting the "Side by side configuration error" you need to get "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update" from:
Ignore all but the x86 version, that is all you need. Stay away from all the other year (2008, 2009 etc) versions and save yourself headaches.

3. Kill the internet and virus scanner, and hang on to the laptop hitting the space bar periodically to avoid inactivity shutdown, an error appeared, but on second try all went well. 

VOILA! Now my volume dial is HUUGE again.

Hope this saves you two hours.