"Cracked Rear View"

This is a lyric from John Hiatt's  "Bring The Family" lp, circa 1987. A song off of this lp entitled "Learning How To Love You", has this very phrase in it. So, inevitably, I saw the comparison to the Hootie and the Blowfish lp, "Cracked Rear View".

Has this ever been discussed before? Wondering if there was a connection or a copy right violation?
Disclaimer, I call my consulting business, Through Your Hands. I tell everyone he writes lyrics for grown ups and then rocks out like a kid. Been a big fan for years. 9-10 shows around the country-my daughter has taken me twice so a couple generations in our house. We all got snowed in one night in Madison, WI at the Barrymore. John and the band played all of slow turning, bring the family, and stolen moments. Said no one could go anywhere so he might as well just keep playing. Over three hours of music and chat. His between tune sense of humor and wry observations are just as evident as in his songs.  Had a shy 17 year old lead guitarist who really stood out. Might want to check out a couple cover compilations, Rollin' into Memphis and It'll Come to You.  For some reason the violin work on Chris Smither 's version of real fine love sends me to the moon. Or check out C J Chenier's take on falling up. I can't sit still. 
I read somewhere that it is no coincidence that Hootie and the Blowfish album was named such. It was named after that Hiatt lyric.....

Chris Smither 's version of real fine love sends me to the moon.

Not to mention his cover of "Memphis in the Meantime".....