Crackle and hiss on some albums

New to world of vinyl. 
Had a low end Orbit turntable, played everything OK.

Upgraded to a Planar 3 with Rega Exact 2 cartridge. Absolutely love it. Noticed that some albums - even when brand new - exhibit some crackle, pop, and hiss. Some albums are dead silent and perfect. Have checked for dust and that doesn’t seem to be issue. Is there a quality factor with some pressings I am missing? Or something in setup that needs looking at?


Thank you for thoughts! 

System is Vincent tube gear -

Vincent PH-701 tube Phono Stage

Vincent SA-T7 tube Preamp

Vincent SP-20 tube hybrid Amp

Sonus Faber Olympica II’s 



Exact carts are known to be overly detailed. The output is around 7mv. Most MM carts are around 5mv. Make sure the capacitance on your PHO-701 is set for 115 pF. If the vinyl is imperfect in anyway, Exact carts tend to emphasize those imperfections. I think you’re just experiencing a mix of static and pressings with low quality vinyl. Especially if other pressings sound fantastic on your system. Some carts just aren’t as forgiving as others.

@fuzztone   I believe the research shows that the stylus does not in fact raise the temp of the vinyl more than a very small amount.  There is no melting of the LOP and no "welding" going on.  Cheers.

  • That plastic melts into a fluid under the tip pressure as propagated by some can be completely rejected.
  • Temp rise of the Vinyl groove because of static stylus force and dynamic friction while playing, will not exceed at most a few degrees, where the friction component is dominant.


Tanking a poorly designed phono preamp can contribute…. but inspection of supposedly clean LP under black light will reveal the sometimes UGLY truth….