Crackle and hiss on some albums

New to world of vinyl. 
Had a low end Orbit turntable, played everything OK.

Upgraded to a Planar 3 with Rega Exact 2 cartridge. Absolutely love it. Noticed that some albums - even when brand new - exhibit some crackle, pop, and hiss. Some albums are dead silent and perfect. Have checked for dust and that doesn’t seem to be issue. Is there a quality factor with some pressings I am missing? Or something in setup that needs looking at?


Thank you for thoughts! 

System is Vincent tube gear -

Vincent PH-701 tube Phono Stage

Vincent SA-T7 tube Preamp

Vincent SP-20 tube hybrid Amp

Sonus Faber Olympica II’s 



Tanking a poorly designed phono preamp can contribute…. but inspection of supposedly clean LP under black light will reveal the sometimes UGLY truth….

I love it when a newbie vinyl user gets hit in the face with the reality of the medium.  New, used or otherwise, any vinyl is very often noisy.  There are pops, clicks, lead-in groove swooshing, warp wow, off-center pressings, etc.  But occasionally there will be a quiet, well-made record.  We deal with it and move on.  Record cleaning machines may help, but only to a certain degree.

Not "very often noisy", unless your collection was derived by shopping at Goodwill or at yard sales, but occasionally noisy, yes.

GHD, When you say it is your "experience" that turntables can enhance or reduce ticks and pops, do you mean to say that with the same tonearm, cartridge, setup, phono stage, and LPs, changing only the turntable per se made a difference? I'm more than skeptical but of course I am in no position to doubt what you say.

If surface noise is a major irritant, then just listen to digital.  Even the highest end gear can’t completely eliminate it and to enjoy vinyl you need to have some tolerance for it.