Crackle and hiss on some albums

New to world of vinyl. 
Had a low end Orbit turntable, played everything OK.

Upgraded to a Planar 3 with Rega Exact 2 cartridge. Absolutely love it. Noticed that some albums - even when brand new - exhibit some crackle, pop, and hiss. Some albums are dead silent and perfect. Have checked for dust and that doesn’t seem to be issue. Is there a quality factor with some pressings I am missing? Or something in setup that needs looking at?


Thank you for thoughts! 

System is Vincent tube gear -

Vincent PH-701 tube Phono Stage

Vincent SA-T7 tube Preamp

Vincent SP-20 tube hybrid Amp

Sonus Faber Olympica II’s 



I would highly recommend sending your records to PerfectVinylForever, a record cleaning service. His is no ordinary ultrasonic cleaning process; it’s a multi-step cleaning done with proprietary equipment that he designed himself. I know, you’re thinking “snake oil” — I thought the same thing. I had always used my VPI record cleaner and thought it couldn’t be beat. How wrong I was — PVF is amazing. Records sound completely black with improved sonics. Even some of the pops and cracks are gone.  I’ve now sent nearly 50% of my collection to him and will eventually finish the remaining albums. It’s absolutely amazing — even my old “college frisbee albums” sound good after a PVF cleaning. I’ve included his website link or you can just search for PerfectVinylForever. 


At the very least, a PVF cleaning will tell you for sure if the noise was just dirt or inevitable wear from frequent use or disuse.

I offer another PVF salutation as possible help for your problem with noise. I’ve several albums that were purchased in both vinyl and RTR played on my prosumer Studer. Of course, tape is without extraneous noise and has a stronger dynamic range. Some albums— but not can be cleaned by PVF to a silence that matches RTR. This is my experience for new and used albums. Neither PVF nor I are able to predict in advance what album will become noiseless. PVF is not cheap. But despite their cost and variable success, a positive outcome with PVF is so striking that I send every album to them — even those that are new.



No, I cannot say that with absolute certainty as it was from a series of upgrades of different tables and cartridges etc on different tts when I was moving from mid-fi to audiophile stuff. It all seemed to contribute to different degrees. The solidly stable tt seemed to significantly reduce surface noice. The cartrige when having a tiny stylist would significantly reduce the pops and more obvious discrete noise.  

I believe that @mahler123 hit the nail on the head. Vinyl as a medium is prone to physical imperfections. Be it foreign matter like dust or fingerprints (gasp!) or actual damage to the record itself such as scratches or just plain wear. 

As a long time vinyl enthusiast, I think I've learned to just listen 'past the noise' to the good stuff we're after which is, ostensibly, the music. I found a great LP at a used shop the other day, Brubeck's "Time In". 


A quick examination at the store showed it to be in not too bad in condition, When I got home I ran it through my Project RCM and was pleased that although not perfect, it was quite passable listening. And having learned something new, I'll now have to search for the rest of the "Time" series of LPs. After listening a thought occurred to me and sure enough, searching Amazon Prime, "Time In" appeared in the catalog and I can listen to the music w/o the surface noise of the LP... But somehow the LP sounds more vivid, more "real" to my ears in comparison. 

Sorry for the ramble! Too much coffee this morning I expect. 😇

Happy listening.