Craigslist Fraud

Just thought I'd share my recent experience with attempting to sell some audio equipment on Craigslist.  Attempted to sell a Audio Research Ref 3LE.  I know now that doing so via Craigslist was probably stupid.  Anyway, I had a guy from out of state reach out to me.  Said that he wanted to buy it.  Asked that he send a cashiers check.  A couple days later the FedEx arrives with a check for $12K more than what I was asking...  The alarm bells went off.  Check was from a business in Chicago and the FedEx was from Florida.  They did a very convincing job of making up the check.  Reported it to the police - so I could feel better.  They let me know that the scammers would probably have come back and asked that I send part of the money back to them.. as if.  Rang the company that the check was reported to have come from (The Belt Railway Company of Chicago).  They said that I was the 6th person in the last week that rang them.  Wanted to put this out for y'all and hope that no one goes through this like I did.  Very thankful that it only cost me time, frustration and some dents to my ego.  
Sorry this happened to you. I'm a CL regular, and do a lot of out-of-area deals, mostly as a buyer.  It's experiences like this that make a lot of sellers resistant to even considering what I have to offer.  I give my phone number (and urge them to call, since I want to be sure the seller is the real deal), suggest PayPal (easily traceable if there's a problem) or a postal money order (convertible to cash at the post office), and want payment cleared before shipping.  A third party escrow service is always a possibility, but I've never used one. So far, every deal has worked out fine.

Cashier's checks, third party pickup, and an unwillingness to talk on the phone are sure indications of a scam.
Hey, I love CL. Have to be a little careful, but I've bought and sold so many things there. I love meeting people from all walks of life and making an honest deal. No transaction fees, no middle men, no taxes. Never had a problem taking paypal, venmo, or cash. Browse my local audio selection on CL almost daily!

+1, but cash only.
I have sold on CL before, with no problems. However, early Dec I posted a cartridge on several sites and had an experience 90% similar to @thelostdutchman. I get an email from one joker saying that he's interested. Then I get a text from a 3rd party claiming to be his wife (1st red flag) saying that he will pay more than I was asking (2nd red flag) and that he is sending someone to drop off a check (3rd red flag) via FedEx and needed my address (4th red flag). No way I was giving it out. I strictly meet in well lit public places. Out of curiosity, I Googled FedEx & Craigslist check scam and bingo. They spelled out the exact play. The back will take the check and deposit it. However, 5 days later, you get an NSF notice. 

Stay diligent. Trust but verify.
Rules for Craigslist:

1) No checks
2) Local Sales only
3) Face to face, cash, in public places
4) Expect low-ballers and no-shows
5) No checks
6) Local sales only
7) Face to face, cash, in public places

8) Any questions, refer to rules 1, 2, and 3 or 5, 6, and 7