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Anybody have any experience with their Criton 2TDX  Tower speaker.?


I am very familiar with Dayton drivers. They are extremely underrated. I use their subwoofer drivers.  Are you going to build them yourself and at which level? It would be great if you could handle the enclosure yourself. If not the MDF kit will suffice except if you want a class act finish. That will require a lot of experience or expense, more so than if you bought the entire speaker completed. To finish 4 subwoofers I just spent $400 in sealer and acrylic lacquer. Then there is having an HVLP spray setup and an explosion proof fan. A great finishing trick for MDF enclosures is black equipment cabinet carpet! 

The Drivers in the X version are excellent but you should know that the 7" "woofers" are really large midrange drivers. With a BL of 8.2 and Fs or 31 Hz they are not going to have great control at the lowest frequencies. These speakers cry out for subwoofers and with subwoofers they are capable of excellent sound and are a great value. I think the way to go with tower speakers is a two way system with subwoofers.

I too am a fan of Dayton drivers.  I use their anodized aluminum cone rubber surround 15" subwoofer drivers in Bill Fitzmaurice designed HT Tuba 25 Hz quarter wave folded corner horns,  and the SQ is outstanding. 

I was considering. Purchasing the B-Stock Criton 2TD-X Tower.  Fully Finished.  Not really set up to tackle a full build myself.  I was looking for a 3-way speaker.  Was hoping not to mess with a sub.  Was looking for a listening perspective opinion.