Credenza or media stand for hiding away equipment

Hi, I haven't noticed any furniture topics. Currently I have an open rectangular wooden rack under the TV which serves as vinyl records storage, as well as where my integrated amp and dac are placed. This is an open system. 

Now I have a toddler who just entered the curious poking and prodding I need something that can hide my equipment (as well as the records). But everything that I come across in the market are 15 to 18 inches in depth. My Luxman amp is 18.5....and I also like solid wood, not MDF or plywood.

Anyone have any recommendations for credenzas that may fit my electronics? They need to be 20 inches deep, 55 to 70 inches wide and have doors.


You probably won’t like the price but i use a Stickley cabinet w back removed….

When I lived in the U.S., I used a Salamander Design product, and it was superb. Very similar to this one:

Salamander Design

I had mine built by a cabinet maker. The first shelf is open for the integrated amp. The rest of the shelves (adjustable) are hidden behind a door with a perforated black panel.



Brought up 2 children with my equipment always out in the open. The way my wife and I dealt with it was to tell them with a degree of menace not to touch.

It's amazing what the fear of death will do to a child! 😂

Thanks for all responses. Two brands that fit the bill, if anyone is looking are BDI and Salamander (as mentioned). I am currently working with a designer from Etsy to customize one of their credenza designs. 

I am OK with leaving it open, obviously I want to see the equipment. However, I will be at work at times...and he's just a toddler now. I KNOW he will pour a glass of water (mind, he won't have access to a glass of water on his own) down the amp. For sure.