Creedence Clearwater Revival - John Foggarty

I just picked up his new disc in which various artists all collaborate in re-doing some of CCR's old favorites. Great disc and most of all great music. I had a few of their albums back - '' in the day'' and stupidly traded them or gave them away. I would like to re-start up CCR's collection on disc as I do see where many of them have been remastered.....let me know your thoughts on which one to start with.
I agree and if ; ''old pop/rock '' stars want to use Country as their medium of getting good music to us, then that is just fine by me. You can call me old as well. Because if what's out their now - rap, urban beat, American Idol ....The Voice, MTV considered good music - you can have it
I listened to John's latest on an island, on a lake in Northern Maine, on a beautiful day...sipping on some 12 year old Canadian Club with some suck clause in effect.