Creek 5350 SE and Maggies

I have maggie 12s with a denon 3803. I want to upgrade to a creek 5350. My questions are will this make a significant difference with regards to sound quality? Will the creek work with 2 channel dvd audio? thanks
Unless you listen loud, I would think you'll like the sound of the 12's with the creek. I heard the creek for just a short time at a maggie dealer. He seemed to think they would do just fine with a 5350 SE. Probably one of the best sounding integrateds in that price range. I would think quite a step above the denon. Hope this helps.
Thanks. Can you tell me how it would sound different? Sound stage, less metalic, more projection from the speakers...?
I think the creek will sound a little smoother and more open. Probably a better soundstage also. Keep in mind that Maggies are power hungry! I really wouldn't buy anything under 100 watts to run them. 200 watts isn't a bad idea.
I did have maggie 10.1s and ran them for fun with a 17 watt triode amp. They sounded great but, no bass and no volume at all. My 100 watt threshold did much better.
At that price point...nothing wrong with Creek...but I would as audition Bryston b-60 intergrated...dont get hung up on the is only rated at 60w...but this is a very conservative Bryston dealer had them paired with the 1.6s...and man...WOW!....they really brought out the best bass I have heard on Mags...I also heard the 12s on the NAD SILVER series...and that sounded great too...good luck...