Creek 5350SE vs Music Hall Mambo- Anyone Compared?

I am considering buying the Creek 5350SE or the Music Hall Mambo. Has anyone did an actual A/B comparison? Can anyone recommend an Integrated with better details, resolution and transparency than the above two?

Aaron, A short story. Bear with me. About 4 years ago, I sold all of my stereo equipment to downsize. It was beautiful separate Luxman gear from the late 1970s. I was interested in listening to the Creek 5350SE. I called an authorized dealer just across the CT/NY border. I told him what I was interested in listening to. He suggested I take a ride to the store, and he would have the Creek warmed up and waiting.

Upon my arrival, I was walked into a nice, private listening room, the salesperson closed the doors behind him, I pulled out MY CD references and began listening. After about 20 minutes, the salesperson looked at me and knew if he didn't do something fast, I would be heading out the door.

He said, "Might you be interested in something used? I can tell by your response you're not happy with what you're hearing". I agreed. He left the room, and minutes later walked back in, with this little silver integrated tucked under his arm. "Just give me a minute and I'll have this all hooked up", he said.

A couple of minutes later I began hearing this incredible "wave of music". It was overwhelming, clean, natural, detailed, and sounded more like music than I thought was actually feasible from stereo equipment. It was a YBA Integre DT. Needless to say, the Creek stayed, the YBA found a new home. Last year I upgraded from the DT to the Passion Integre.

I saw your description of "better details, resolution, and transparency". You had just described the YBA to the "T".
I generally NEVER recommend stereo equipment on this site, or any other site. But, if these are the qualities you are truly looking for, you owe it to yourself to listen to a YBA DT. You can find a used unit for under $1500 if you ultimately decide to purchase one. In fact there are two available on this site for the $1200-1250 price range w/phono preamp.

Best of luck with your ultimate decision, Ed.

I had been considering both the 5350SE and the Mambo, but before I made a decision, I came across a great deal on a used Arcam FMJ A22. While I did not get a chance to hear the Mambo, the Arcam sounded much more detailed and transparent than the Creek, which was not too bad in this regard, but not substantially better than the Cambridge Audio integrated I listened to (last year's model). The Arcam was a good bit better than both, but then again, it sold for a good bit more than the Creek when it was new. The Cambridge Audio seems awefully good for the money. And in the Creek's price range new, you might also want to listen to the Sim Audio Moon I-3.

I just bought the Creek 5350SE and am running it to Von Schweikert VR-1s in a small room. Of all the amps I have had, it is the most neutral. I was not looking for anything to color the sound and I think, so far, that the Creek is just that, neutral. I am still breaking it in and getting familiar with it, but I like its transparency and detail with these speakers. It probably matters more which speakers and source you have than the amps anyway. Good luck!