Creek evo cdp with burson opamp mod?

Has anyone done this and what could I expect from it? Most of my upgrades (mods) have to be discreet( unforgiving girlfriend). Thanks
Thanks for the responses guys, I might just bite the bullet and try it out. Will let you know how I go. Cheers
I have upgraded to Burson op-amps in as ASR Emitter II amplifier and a high-end CD player.
This is a very worthwhile upgrade, better than monolithic op-amps in every aspect of the audio checklist. Give them a couple of hundred hours to break-in and have fun!
I have about 15 years experience in tweaking electronics. This is a winner, probably one of the best electronic tweaks.
Warning: pay attention and make a note of the location of pin 1 in order to avoid mishaps. You may need to solder a short ground wire between the op-amp and the component's circuit board. I had to add a ground wire on the ASR Emmiter, though I do not recall the reason anymore.
Thanks casouza that was a very helpful reply and has made me a little more confident in doing this mod. I still haven't got around to doing it yet, everytime I get some money saved something more important comes up there goes my hi fi money. I guess the burson mod and my new bakoon integrated will have to wait for a little bit. I will post my results when I get there , cheers