Creek, Rega, Oppo CD Player/DAC

I just purchased a Creek EVO 50A amp and a pair of Spendor S3/5R2 that sits on my office desktop. I also have an IMAC and an original Dragonfly DAC. I want to get a CD Player / DAC and see Creek will be releasing one soon, the EVO 50CD at $1500.00 and Rega has one too, the Saturn-R at $3000.00. My question is why would I buy one of those since I can get a new Oppo BDP-105 CD/DAC for $1200.00 that plays SACD and Blu-Ray Discs and has Pandora and I can attach a hard Disc or a thumb drive. I don't get it. Are Creek and Rega not aware of the Oppo or do they really sound thay much better?
Some people belive that a dedicated CD player sounds better on standard Redbook CDs than the multi-function players. It's a "purist" thing. For the most part, I agree with this. I've owned multi-format players costing up to 5K and, IMO, they do not do CD as well as a $3K CD player. This may not be true in the upper ranges, say $10K and up, but I've never auditioned one of these players, so I don't know.
Why indeed. Audio sound quality is subjective and thus lends itself to magical thinking and imagined distinctions. The Oppo BDP-105 has been well reviewed and is an established product with outstanding support. Buy the Oppo. The "purist" will urge you to take the Oppo output directly to your amp without an intervening preamp or processor, and that's not bad advice. You may want to sell the Dragonfly DAC.