Crisp sounding tubes for Modwright 5400ES

I recently upgraded from a Modwright 9100ES to a Modwright 5400ES. While there were improvements, the richer mid-range and more powerful bottom end of the 5400ES tipped my previously balanced sounding system into one sounding a bit overly polite with a lack if crispness in the top end.
Can anyone advise me on what tubes (output & rectifier) and power cables to chose so as to brighten the top-end.
Grateful for your advise.
I found the Synergistic Hologram D PC to be a substantial improvement to other cords I tried. On the PS I use a T3. Also receptacles can help you shape the sound. The TeslaPlex will certainly make your system less polite and perhaps the cheapest change.
Wig, Glad to hear the tube is showing some potential for you. At the very least, I think this tube is going to take some pressure off of the vintage Mullard market. I found the tube to be exactly the ticket for the ModWright Sony. People who use a 5AR4/GZ34 owe it to themselves to give the Create tube a try.
I will be getting this tube this week and report back on how it sounds in the Modright Oppo 95.
The tube has open up a bit at the 30 hour mark and I'm amazed that a 5AR4 can make such a dramatic difference over a Mullard which has more body but I don't mind trading body for more detail.

This 5AR4 swop is more noticeable than swopping a Sylvania "W", Chrome Dome or Ken Rad VT-231 6SN7, you'll hear the change upon install...
Many thanks Wig for this; it sounds like the Create 5AR4 is just the ticket for me, as what I want is to trade some mid-range richness for some more crispness at the top end. Can I ask where did you got this tube? I also agree with you that swopping the rectifier tube can make more difference than the output tubes. It definitely was the case in my rig when the Mullard went in!
Thanks also to Brownsfan & the other guys for the benefit of your insights. I swopped out my Mullard for my stock rectifer tube, a Ruby 5AR4, which helped to restore some of the top/mid balance to my system. Can't wait to try the Create!