Crossing Left and Right Speakers

Someone in, I believe Audiogon, recommended the Audio Analyst and I checked him out.

He stated that crossing left and right speaker can affect soundstage. How can that be? wouldn't it just reverse the left and right sides of the soundstage?

How could it do anything more?






No biggie, I thought is was hilarious. I was having fun. I experimented as well after I watched that video. And it is weird that switching speaker sides can actually have an effect.


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I am a bit dumbfounded by some people’s experiences.

I recently reorganized my system on my rack, and I accidentally connected my mono amps to the wrong channels of my pre.

And all that happened, was I heard orchestral violins come from the right channel, and cellos and basses come from the left (and other instruments switching sides). The opposite as to how orchestras are set up.

No loss of center fill, no loss of the soundstage going past the outer edges of my speakers, no loss of depth. Just everything flipped.

And let me add, my system in my room creates a very large soundstage, with very good image within the soundstage. Great layering, depth, width. 


Yeah, totally nuts. Last thing I expected. When the YT vid mentioned it I said to myself, "That's a bunch of Bulls**t, but there it is. Some in this thread mentioned it's not every recording, which is even stranger.

Funny, one time in the recording studio we spent 4 hours trying to find an anomaly that just vanished.

Audio is weird.




Lets see, the album I experienced it on was either, Peo Alfonsi: Amada, or Peo Alfonsi: Alma. These are two separate records, but I can't remember which one it was. And there were a few others but I can't remember them. Might have been New Blood Symphony, the instrumentals download that came with the original Vinyl.

The Alfonsi records are both extraordinary, I bought Alma from