Crossover - hard to find for biamping

Interested in biamping a stereo tube amplifier into mid/tweeter drivers, and a solid state Mono block into the bass speakers of a floor speaker.

I probably will need a crossover to adjust levels since i am leaving the internal crossovers inside the main speakers untouched.

Problem is, audio dealers don’t sell crossover Devices and don’t get involved in this area, and there’s very few crossover devices out there.

why is this? It appears not too many people do this sort of thing. Recommendations?


assuming your speakers are set up for biamping, the internal crossovers will be all you need.  as stated above, you'll need volume balancing but if the amp you need to adjust is an integraded, it has volume control.  if not, you'll need a passive volume control unit

Don't spend a lot of money until you've tried it and liked it.  Most people back out of it and go back to a single amp.


The biamp ingredients I'm considering are a Conrad Johnson gat2, CJ art150 150 watt per chanel stereo amplifier, mcintosh mc611 600 Watt monos, and b&w 802 d3.

I like the idea of what Mcintosh has recently done with the combo ss/tube mono amplifiers.  Although the MC 901 they offer, while costly, is too damn big, and probably generates a ton of heat.  Basically it's a mono with 600 W solid state combined with a 300 W tube amp. I think the 300 W tube for mid range and tweeters is a bit of an overkill. And I already have their 600 W Monos.

Sublime audio:

you order the first set of crossovers installed and you can also order swappable crossover boards.  Kind of like tube rolling?  Find the crossover points that sound best, or just do the math/select by speaker capability.

Or just use fmod hi/low pass filters. Though, unless the amp has its own volume control, the fmods don’t give you the ability to “play with” relative power to each driver as the sublime does.

I bought my speakers wired for bi-amping though.  I have no idea how you would go about “retrofitting” non-production bi-amp capable speakers to connect different amps to separate drivers.