crossover mod

I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone who has built, bought or used an electronic crossover as a substitute for the passive one in old Tannoy concentric speakers(Ardens-HPD 385-8ohm)
I have the amplification-a Cary cad 300 sei for the tweeters, and a pair of Red Dreagons for the woofers.
I have heard the Aurum speakers that use 300B tubes and solid state and was wondering if I could do something similar with what I have.
Thank you all.
IMHO the Xover freq is too high to biamp, but try it see if you like it, dont go for an active Xover try a passive line level Xover (PLLXO) much simpler and cheaper if you want to try.
Google Hilberink's Tannoy website, there's lots of info on crossovers, both passive and active.

Good luck,