Crushed 3009 type 2 improved

First things first . I want to thank Audiogon and those who have responed to earlier , but non related questions . While working on the back portion of my plinth ( from the front ) my expanding stomach sort of "crushed" my SME 3009 type 2 improved . Long story short , things that were tight and ridged , no longer are . I now have a a couple of significant wobbles at a couple of different places . At the very least , I think I've trashed a bearing . It still "sort of" works and sounds so - so , but damage HAS BEEN DONE ! To the point -- Doe's anyone out there know a person or place that can repair / restore this specific arm . I'm prepaired to travel inasmuch I fear both the shipping process and my skills to even remove it . As an aside , the arm and table ( TD-124 ) are sort of like my children . I found them at a thrift store about ten years ago . They were just being placed on the counter as I was entering the door . The speed of light was equaled , if not broken ! My baby is sick and needs help . Can anyone assist ? Thanks . frankthecat0
Yes1 It's a place in Canada, I have the address on my office PC. He advertises SME parts and repair right here on the gon. If you can't find it I'll get it for you on Monday.
Check Ebay! Or if you do not want chasing the parts that you need in an auction, you can inquire at "Flat Earth Audio's " website(goes directly to SME website). There are contact infos there.

Maybe, it is time to buy a replacement arm (same SME 3009 if you really love that arm!)and save yourself all the charges in shipping and time hunting and tracking parts that you need.

I have dealt with Flat Earth and they do sell replacement parts for SME. You will need to call them though. I believe Theresa was the person that helped me years ago and she was very obliging.
Unambiguosly-Alfred Kayser in Canada.and while you are at it ,ask for the Cardas rewire.Alfred did a rewire for my 3009 II non improved and it makes a great difference for the better.
Good Luck,Raanan
P.S. I have had more 124/ 3009/3012 combos than I can remember.