Crutchfield Customer Service

Unfortunately my neighbors know I am an audiophile so when they get new gear they reach out to me to install it. I say unfortunately because they usually don’t have the proper connectors, wiring etc. ( so I dig into my stash) or need a custom setup requiring drilling, securing wiring etc. My most recent helping hand required all of the above. My neighbors receiver locked up halfway through the install for some reason and no matter what we did, we could not proceed further. He had purchased it a year ago from Crutchfield just before he moved and hadn’t used it.

We called their customer service who before connecting us with one of their technicians informed him that the receiver was still under warranty. We followed all of the techs suggestions but the receiver stayed locked. He said the receiver needed replacement and my neighbor would have a replacement in 2 days  which he did. We hooked it up went through the setup menus and he was good to go.

I told him he we were both fortunate that he had purchased from such a customer service oriented company. You can shop around for the absolute lowest price but if you have issues you better hope that the company you purchased from will support you otherwise it could be very costly as well as frustrating for your audiophile buddy.


The company that stands for not only what they sell, but how they treat the people that buy it from them.  They may not have the SOTA item you seek, but have the policy of standing behind what they do sell.

'In Warranty' is expected.  'Out of Warranty' is phenomenal....rare.  

You can't buy that sort of 'cred' earn it.

100% I love Crutchfield, just another reason why I do.

Nothing but amazing customer service.

Yes, but when they say in early June (2021 for example) that they are taking orders for $611center channels that retail for $1,099 and they’ll be in stock on July 16 and all you need is $1 and a credit card to order one, be prepared to be charged again the next day for the renaming $610. Unfortunately, I had given up my debit card number and had kept it unlocked thinking I was in the clear for at least the next 40 days, as far as Crutchfield was concerned. Once I found out I had been charged I called to get to the bottom of it and the somewhat nice woman said, well it looks like they came in sooner than we thought and they’re shipping out today. I asked if she was sure and she said that she was, so I just left it as it was. The speaker hasn’t been available to my eyes for under $799 since, so no real complaints. But it could have been disastrous for anyone in a different financial situation. That type of thing could really rack up some fees at BOA. Those that know what I mean, you know what I mean!

I have had 2 bad CS experiences with Crutchfield and will not order from them again.  I am generally not a negative person and I don’t want to go through the tedious details but I feel this thread should have some balance.  Otoh I have had excellent CS from Music Direct 

I can give Crutchfield a thumbs up as well for three reasons:

1-Excellent customer service.  Only needed it once but they came through.

2-Superior packaging.  They double box with peanuts.

3-They used to have a full credit trade up program which I took advantage of years ago (not sure if they still have that or not)