Cryoed EL34s?

Anybody here have any experience with cryoed output tubes, particularly EL34s? Even more specifically, is the modest price of treated Valve Art EL34Bs worth the price of admission over the stock version?


Check out www.electron-valve they guarentee there cry'od el34 and if you don't like them send them back for refund. Svetlana $150 a quad . Good Luck
Thanks for the input.

Stock Valve Art EL34s are a hands down winner over the Svetlanas (non-cryoed). I certainly wouldn't pay 150.00/quad for any of them. But the asking price of the VA per quad is only 15.00 over the standard version, so it's a near no-brainer. I just thought I would see if there are any other opinions out there.

I have cryoed VA EL34's from Tubeman in my Cary Cad 50's(replacing svetlanas) I paid $69 for matched cryoed quad. The difference was immediatly noticable, the VA's have much more range and speed.

I should add that these are used to run the highs in a biamped setup so I no experience with them below 300Hz

I picked up a spare quad, I know I'll be kicking myself if these become unavailable one day.