CSNY 1974 ..... pretty perfect

To all of my fellow Audiogoners who have ever loved Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young ..... get this boxed set ! It is fantastic ! Whether you are a fan of any of the boys singularly, in assorted duo combinations, as the original threesome, or as the full CSNY quartet, this set of fine musical performances will transport you back to one of the greatest concert runs of all time. Bravo and kudos to David, Stephen, Graham, and Neil. Thanks for the great tunes, the beautiful harmonies, and the wonderful memories.
Yeah, but the $499 also includes a beautiful wooden box to hold the LP's ..... LOL :). That's why the CD box set for $39.88 is a good deal. After all, the songs are beautiful and the "you are there feeling" is pretty cool.
I love these guys but OUCH, 500 bucks.... Thanks Adam, I enjoy the system alot. This summer has been crazy busy, but hopefully it will calm down soon. Not enough listening time!
I bought the CD box set on the day of release and highly recommend the music. I also checked out the vinyl package and figured that was was to many fun tickets for what was offered. I wouldn't place blame on any one person for the cost of the LP's. CSN&Y is 4 people with equal economic interest. After reading about putting the package together I can only imagine the negotiations concerning retail. In this case I'll happily enjoy my digital edition.
I was at the show in Jersey the night Nixon resigned. I will never forget the madness that ensured after Crosby made the announcement.
Carry On indeed.
Joman-not placing blame at Graham's doorstep exclusively but, he typically comes off as the spokesman for the group. I'm sure multiple voices participated in the outrageous pricing for the vinyl set.