Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure

Cube Audio (Poland) designs single drivers and single driver speakers. 

Principals are Grzegorz Rulka and Marek Kostrzyński.

Link to the Cube Audio Nenuphar (with F10 Neo driver) speaker page:

Link to 6Moons review by Srajan Ebaen (August 2018):


Parameters (from Cube Audio):

Power: 40 W

Efficiency: 92 dB

Frequency response: 30Hz - 18kHz ( 6db)*

Dimensions: 30 x 50 x 105 cm

Weight: 40 Kg

* Frequency response may vary and depends on room size and accompanying electronic equipment.
I did listen to the VR L2i SE driving the SIT-1's though its DHT preamp stage with the ELROG 300bs.  It improved the SIT's  soundstage and it's lower mid-range very slightly from the PL XP-32 which I thought was heaven with the SIT-1s. But the L2i-SE straight up beat out the XP-32/SIT-1 combo with more extended and open highs, a more detailed lower mid-range and more powerful and tuneful bass (I took notes.) Overall it sounded more present and dynamic, closer to live music.  It was not a difference you had to A/B to get the gist of.  I was shocked, thinking I was doing my dealer friend a favor by giving the VR a spin with the Nenuphar's.  He was just curious.
I’ve got about 60 hours on the speakers now and I can report that I don’t hear any "lowther shout." The top end was pretty strident at first but it now sounds very natural. The bass at first was MIA but now it’s coming in nicely. I wonder if the youtube videos that seemed to reproduce a ’shouty’ sound were made with newer speakers that weren’t fully broken in?
@vinpic please keep us posted on the E2SE !! 

Would love to hear your comparison and thoughts on the Bakoon vs. the Valvet. I've had the SIT3 before and found it a bit dark/earthy for my taste. If I could get my hands on a SIT2 or 1s - I believe that would be more to my taste. Cheers. 
Have about fifty hours on my new Linlai 2A3 tubes running in the DHT pre-amp section of my Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE integrated.  While there may still be break in improvements to come, I feel confident in saying that these are remarkable tubes that easily beat out the Elrog 300bs I had been running.  I agree with Srajan's assessment of their particular qualities in his review, but would like to add two dimensions of their character that he didn't mention.  First, the Linlai 2A3 give acoustically recorded music a tactile quality I've never heard before.  The sensation of fingers on strings and frets, fingers on keyboards, drumsticks on drum skins, etc. is both delicate and pronounced, which helps put the music more 3 dimensionally in the room.  Second, tonal accuracy along with depth and purity is the most engrossing I've encountered with any tube.  But without cloying euphonics.  As a side note, the tube's output is substantially greater than that of the ER 300bs, at least in terms of where the volume control now likes to sit.  Lots of other good qualities but I would just be paraphrasing what Srajan has already said.   
@stephendunn  Stephen, terrific impressions and results regarding the Linlai 2A3 tubes in your specific application. Your feedback seals it for me...I'll plan on ordering a pair for my new amps at a later date.

Curious: Are you listing your VR integrated? If so, what are your plans for a replacement?