Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure

Cube Audio (Poland) designs single drivers and single driver speakers. 

Principals are Grzegorz Rulka and Marek Kostrzyński.

Link to the Cube Audio Nenuphar (with F10 Neo driver) speaker page:

Link to 6Moons review by Srajan Ebaen (August 2018):


Parameters (from Cube Audio):

Power: 40 W

Efficiency: 92 dB

Frequency response: 30Hz - 18kHz ( 6db)*

Dimensions: 30 x 50 x 105 cm

Weight: 40 Kg

* Frequency response may vary and depends on room size and accompanying electronic equipment.

For those interested in Cube's Cube related efforts there is mention of a new widebander combined with an 18 inch woofer. Photos of two renders are on page 4 of Srajan's Qualio intro, linked below.


New Cube Audio Speaker Renders via 6Moons



Qualio Audio iQ receives the coveted Blue Moon Award  "An Über Speaker For Regular Folks" from 6Moons / Srajan Ebaen:


6Moons Qualio iQ speaker review

I recently purchased the Nenuphar V2 speakers. WOW what an amazing speaker. I only have about 30 hrs of play on them but I am very impressed with the sound I am hearing. When I first hooked them up, they sounded dry and flat, not very musical. Soundstage was not that great, kinda small. I am thinking to myself, what have I done, this purchase was a big mistake! Now I know better....all speakers need some break-in time before you start any critical listening so lets not get crazy yet. To top it off the amp I am using is a First Watt SIT-3 that I purchase and the original owner told me it had maybe 50 hrs of play on it, so it is like brand new also. So I put a break-in CD in and let the system play all day while I was out.

I played a couple of albums after 10 hrs of break-in and what a difference. These things started to come to life. The richness and detail of the music was beginning to blossom. The soundstage was wider and deeper. After every listening session the speakers and amp continue to improve. Now after 30 hrs the speakers are really stating to come into their own. I have never experienced this level of realism in recorded music. The bass is shocking. I never expected this level of sound from a 10 in driver. I have a copy of Dark Side of the Moon (UHQR) that I just played and I feel like I am hearing this album for the first time. The detail and separation of the instruments is mind blowing. When all of the clocks start to chime, the room is enveloped in the sound, the soundstage is wider and deeper than the room. It is one of those things you have to hear because words can not accurately describe it.

All of this is happening with only 30 hrs of play. I can't wait to hear how they evolve after 100 or 200 hrs on them. And I have not even started to adjust toe-in or change spikes and footers or distance from the wall. I can say that everything I have read and videos that I have watched on youtube are true. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun journey with these speakers !!!