Cullen Cable

Has anyone had any experience with Cullen Cable in the last 3-3 1/2 months? Have been waiting on a couple XLR cables for appx that long. Wanted to order a power chord and RCA interconnects as well...but now i am hesitant.
I’ve haven’t seen any bad reviews for Patrick at Cullen Cables...ones that would indicate that a 3+ month wait isn’t normal. But haven't seen anything that tells me it is either. 

@nilecniv damn. Placed mine in March as well and I have a feeling I still won't have them by Aug. 

I have not and for a $1200 order placed 2 1/2 months ago I’m getting a little concerned I understand and trust his reputation online but. 

This is concerning. I have made purchases from him the last couple of years and he always responded within a couple of days to my emails.