Cullen or Triode Wire Labs power cord?

Am about to pull the trigger but have some last minute doubt between:

— Cullen Cables Crossover II $379
— Triode Wire Labs The Obsession $1,399

Am curious whether Triode is worth 3.5 times the money.

Would love to hear your (indirect) experience with these cables.

I have a TWL Obsession and a Digital American for my transport and Dac.A Cullen Crossover all on my ss amp.ZenWave psr on the tube amp,Audio Envy on the pre.I don't like the TWL cords on the amps and pre but the noise filtering they do make them perfect for digital components to me.The Cullen is very good, I don't think you could go wrong with that choice. A good solid powerful sound no matter what component I tried it on.

Presently in use in my main rig is TWL 8+ and 10+, and 3 Signal digital references.

Also have a Cullen Crossover and Signal magic.

Didn’t really care for the Signal magic and the Cullen was very good but a little bass heavy for my application on my then Had Inspire.

The TWL’s add a little warmth to the presentation, but if you’re looking for neutrality the Signal digital reference is the best choice. The problem with them is they’re stiff as a dead frozen snake.

No experience with the Obsession.