Curious about older "world class" D/A converters

Good day, all.

Recently, I’ve become a little obsessed with the idea of purchasing/employing an older DAC. The few that’ve been swirling in my mind are the Mark Levinson 360s, dCS Elgar and Spectral SDR-2000/Pro. Here’s what I have in place now (and I’ve been through many systems over the years):

- MacBook Pro / SSD / AIFF’s, over the air
- ModWright Transporter (Emission Labs 5U4G / 50’s Sylvania 6SN7’s)
- Duelund DCA20GA
- Line Magnetic 218ia (Shuguang 845B’s, Gold Lion KT-77’s and 12AX7’s)
- Kimber 4PR
- Omega Super 7XRS

I listen to all types of music (99.9% of my digital library is Redbook), favoring acoustic anything - as much as possible, I attempt to get the effect that the instruments are in the room. As is, everything is dialed in pretty darn nicely, but I feel as though I could use just a bit more focus - if I could have a sharpness dial... Anyhow, you get what I mean. And just so you know, I chose the Transporter over a Berkeley Alpha 2 (had both in the system for 8 months or so, with the former feeding the latter via AES). In the end, I feel there’s just something organic about the Transporter. The Alpha certainly did everything right, but the Transporter just seemed more "natural" (for lack of a more elaborate description). I will say, though, that in some cases, depending on the material - if I’m being completely honest with myself - I wasn’t able to tell them apart and actually got them mixed up in my own exhaustive comparisons.

So, all that said (and sorry for the long-windedness) would any of the three I mention above be worth a shot? I will admit that I’m smitten with the engineering, design and build quality of these pieces without even having an idea of what they might sound like.

Thanks for your time,
Mark (ballywho, since 2003)
FYI, I was able to locate SqueezeCenter 7.0.1 (2008), but I'm not going to install anything just yet.
Install failed; not compatible.  Installing 7.7.5 straight from my (the one I had prior to 7.9.1, which also crackled).  

Yep, still crackling

- AIFF, WAV, ALAC are all affected.
- 88.2kHz is unable to be processed by the DAC6 (sound slowed, as to be expected; crackling persists)
Did you contact the seller? Do that and sit tight and wait to hear from EMM and if you have a different transport you can try with the DAC you should try that. And sorry you're having issues that's never fun!
jond ~

Not yet, but he sold it as part of an estate sale, so I doubt (though I will contact him) that he'll have much to say.  And no, I don't have anything else to use as a transport (particularly to truly emulate the conditions).

Thanks for the reply and support!

~ Mark