Curious to know what you guys think/like about Pink Floyd's early work

Listening through Pink Floyd's entire studio album discography these days. I mostly know their work from the 70's to 90's. I will admit, I haven't quite connected fully with their early psychedelic years from Piper to Ummagumma yet. I suppose I'm a bigger fan of their "BIG sound" that would evolve later on with David's important guitar riffs, solos, conceptual records, unique production and Waters' lyrics. Those first records honestly do not really delight me always. I'm really open to hearing thoughts, discussing factors and history of these records that could give me a more open perspective, and maybe understand the importance of these works. Why do some of you like them? Is it the history of the band forming? Starting out with Syd? Any documentaries or books that focus on the early years?


  Love their music but in the beginning they were in an evolution period until they found their true sound. Umagama  and a Saucer Full of Secrets” were a period of progression from a Progressive Rock Style/Band. After I listened to all their albums I still go back to the beginning to catch that change which was evident in “More”. All great bands like them, Beetles as well went through a period of growth. I think it’s the difference between a great band and a good band with a couple of hit albums

In 1968 I went to the Village to attend a Cream concert at the Village Theater (soon to be renamed Fillmore East).  I stopped in at the record store on MacDougal and Bleeker to buy a 45 of 'Spoonful' (still have it) and they were playing The Pink Floyd "Piper" on the shop stereo.  It did nothing for me.  I didn't start listening until DSOTM, when Gilmour's bluesy guitar work caught my ear.  I never went back to really listen to the early stuff.  Maybe now....

I like Piper, Saucer, Atom, Obscured, and Meddle...  not necessarily every single cut, but overall I like all of that better than the unbearable Wall and Wish You Were Here.